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College Students Should Rent Books

college textbook rentalsCollege students today should rent books instead of buying them. If you are not yet on that bandwagon, then you are paying entirely too much money, and the mountain of debt that you are acquiring as you are attending school will only be larger. But even if you are going to school on a full scholarship, it pays to be smart about how you decide to handle the acquisition of textbooks. After all the rich do not get that way by throwing their money away on objects that they can get much cheaper somewhere else. Unless a rich uncle kicked the bucket and left his estate to them, they probably understand the concept of buying low and selling high. In the case of textbooks, you should apply the same logic. So just why should you rent instead of buy? Consider the following:

Renting Saves Space

At the end of each semester, you may be stuck with a 40 pound book that you are forced to lug around to a new dorm room or off campus apartment. Renting saves space because at the end of the semester, you can simply send the book back to the source where you got it from. Specialty websites are making it easier than ever to do just that. If you have been to college before, then you know that the lighter you travel, the better off you will be. So make sure to do just that.

Renting Saves Money

How many times have you walked in to a campus bookstore and paid $100 or $200 for a book that cost about one tenth of that to produce? If you've been to college for awhile, then the answer is probably "Plenty." When you choose a specialty website to rent from, you can get the exact edition that you need to perform in class at a fraction of the cost and send it back at the end of the term or whenever you need to get rid of it. Over the long haul, you will spend far less on college by renting your textbooks.

Renting Makes You Feel in Control

More than spending money that you do not have, buying from a campus bookstore can actually leave you angry and feeling taken advantage of. But in these days of rapid fire technology, it is no longer the campus bookstore's fault if you get "taken." You have options at your disposal to help you save money and, more importantly, feel in control of your situation.

You've got to start growing up sometime. And protecting yourself from inflated prices is one way to do just that. It also readies you for the financial responsibilities ahead and gives you the peace of mind you need for the future.

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