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Ways To Earn Money Selling And Renting Books Online

college textbook rentals Textbooks are among the most expensive items you will ever have to buy for college, and it can often be difficult and aggravating when you pay $200 for one book that you'll be lucky to get $20 out of when you get ready to sell it back. Likewise, books in general are one of those purchases that, once they fulfill their purpose, it's hard to justify keeping them around. If you have a mountain of textbooks or regular books that you want to get rid of, but you don't want to "get taken" by a greedy bookstore, then your best option is to sell online. If you are ready to take back some of the small fortune that you have spent over the years on the volumes in your collection, then there are five ways you can work toward it.

First of all, consider selling textbooks online to other needy college students. The great thing about the Internet is that it has opened up many avenues for those looking to connect with willing buyers who are willing to give more for a book than 10 percent of its face value Selling online allows you to make, at minimum, about twice what you will get from a bookstore that buys books back from students and owners.

Secondly, try renting out your books at a discount rate. You may enter into a contract with your customers that they may use the book for a rental fee over a certain amount of time before the book is sent back to you for rental to someone else. You may not get as much from one user as you would if you sold the book, but you can certainly make more from one volume over time.

Thirdly, try to sell to local university students by going to campus and posting flyers for all to see. Make sure that your contact information is readily available, so they don't have a hard time getting hold of you. It doesn't have to be anything fancy as long as you make it clear which books you have. You don't even have to make pricing available until you get an opportunity to speak with a potential buyer.

Fourthly, try to utilize social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter to let those in your network who may be taking the same classes at a later date or going to the same school that you have a variety of helpful books available. When you get a bite try to sell other books that you wouldn't mind getting rid of at an extra discount.

With creativity and research, it's possible to turn one of the most expensive college experiences into one of the most profitable.

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